ITL Pharma's New Location.

We are pleased to announce our new location in the LIAS Campus in Kingsport, TN  37660. This 5 acre 29,000 foot facility provides space for all our Research and Development as well as producing the Clinical Trial substrate for our Drug Pipeline.


Dr. Keith Latham-CEO and Chief Scientist at ITL PHARMA 


Gina Garland-CFO of ITL PHARMA and CEO of LIAS


The ATA Convention at the Del

Coronado, CA


ITL Pharma, Inc. is a privately held US Pharmaceutical company headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee. Established in VA in 1996 by merger of Inovar Chemicals, Innovative Technologies and Technology Resources, ITL now focuses on new drug discovery and development with 22 new pipeline drugs in 8 therapeutic arenas 

Free Radical Oxidative Medicine – A New Medical Paradigm

We have discovered that normal aging and many disease processes associated with aging result from accumulated exposure to free radical/oxidative species (FROS). These highly reactive chemical entities are like high velocity bullets flying through a battle field. These “bullets” can destroy normal cell components and finally cause cell death if the exposure is high enough. Chronic exposure to low level free radical damage results in “normal aging”. However, under certain conditions, FROS can generate their own expanding cascade of free radicals that escape the normal capacity to keep them in check. This condition is called a “free radical catastrophe”.  If unchecked, this cascade causes enough cell and tissue damage, to result in cell death. Free radicals come from infections, tumors, leaky mitochondria, radiation exposure, tissue ischemia and environmental toxins. Some of us are especially long-lived because we are born with a natural genetic capacity to deal with FROS, assuming we also maintain a healthy, forgiving life-style.

A new class of diagnostic and therapeutic compounds has been developed at ITL Pharma (US Patent 8,673,289 B2) that are designed to detect, capture and neutralize these destructive free radical “bullets”, to slow and possibly cure FROS mediated diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, inflammatory disease and ischemic heart disease. Current treatments frequently only paste over the symptoms with no apparent mechanism for a cure. Thus, we now have a new paradigm to treat oxidative diseases and recognize a new therapeutic branch of medicine called “Free Radical Oxidative Medicine”.

          Slowing the onset of FROS diseases will have an impact at many levels. When the root causes of the diseases are eliminated, natural and therapeutic recovery will begin and the patients and their caregivers can regain and maintain a higher quality of life. Enhancing quality of life is the focus of these new therapies. Improved health and higher quality of life for our general population also translates in major savings in our healthcare programs including MedicAid and MediCare and will enhance our combined integrated quality of life and overall productivity.