TriThroid® our Flagship Product

Indication: Primary Hypothyroidism/Depression/Hypo-metabolism

Currently our TriThroid product has completed Phase II/Phase III combined clinical trials

ITL Pharma's Dr. Keith R. Latham is the Sponsor of the Trials, the Inventor of the Drug, and the Owner of the  Unique Patented Technology that produced the Sustained Effects found in the Clinical Trials Data. 

Patient Population: Between 10 and 16 Million Americans and 80 Million patients world-wide are hypothyroid, usually the result of autoimmune thyroiditus called Hashimoto’s Disease. Hypothyroid symptoms result from low levels of thyroid hormones (T4 and T3) in the blood due to depleted thyroid hormone production by the thyroid gland. Every tissue in the body is a thyroid hormone target and hypothyroid condition is debilitating.

The Problem with Current Therapy: The current “gold standard” for treatment of hypothyroidism are products containing Levothyroxine (T4, e.g., Levoxyl  and Synthroid). T4 is known to be a pro-hormone, converted to the active hormone T3 by deiodinases in various tissues. Patients on Levothyroxine therapy alone are frequently not euthyroid as measured by clinical presentation and  signs and symptoms, a condition believed to result from low levels of T3 from inadequate T4 to T3 conversion.  In addition, the efficiency of conversion of T4 to T3 is variable and dependent on the patho-physiologic state of the patient. Supplementation with monomeric T3 (Cytomel) can result in extreme peaks and valleys of blood levels of T3 due to the short half-life of this hormone in the blood.

The Solution: TriThroid® is a patented sustained release formulation containing Liothyronine (T3) and was developed to maintain steady-state tissue effects of T3. This sustained effects profile allows once per day dosing and provides superior clinical management of hypothyroid symptoms compared to T4 replacement therapy alone.